Grading Services in Snohomish and King Counties

Heilman Construction Prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service and top tier quality of work. With our compact grading equipment, we can take on the jobs that most companies can’t. Our machines have rubber tracks that allow us to get into backyards and other tight areas with minimal impact on the ground surfaces or structures nearby.



Grading is the process of preparing land for roadways, driveways, or structures.

These services include smoothing out the soil, flattening an area, building an area up, or sloping it to a certain degree for rainwater runoff management.

Brush Cutting and Removal

Brush and brambles, especially blackberry bushes, can be extremely difficult to remove by hand.

Our brush removal machines quickly and effectively
remove invasive or unwanted brush and brambles
clearing the way for you to continue your site prep.


We fix drainage problems and install new drainage systems. It is a process that involves physically digging a hole or trench to the drainage pipes that need to be repaired or replaced.

Retaining Walls

Avoid sluffing soil to maintain a level area on uneven ground with a retaining wall. Retaining walls can be made of blocks, rocks, or other materials, depending on the size, scope, and specific needs of the client.


Driveway construction allows you to easily access your property and is one of the first steps to preparing for a build.

By grading the soil to a good base, laying down road fabric and compacting layers of rock and gravel, we can prepare a perfect base for your future paved driveway or leave it gravel for a more natural and cost-effective entry to your property.

Expert Dirt Works and Land Preparation in Snohomish and King Counties

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